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Widely considered to be the first African-American radio announcer, Jack L. Cooper’s “All Negro” radio show aired in the 1930s on Chicago’s WSBC. Cooper was succeeded in Black Chicago radio by very important air personalities like Al Benson — who brought the blues and jazz to Chicago on WGES — and his colleague Herb Kent, who made his mark after his move to WVON, where he was a strong voice for progress during the tumultuous Civil Rights movement.

Working to find a hook in the pages of lyric DJay scribbled, Shelby brings Shug into the studio and has her lay down a chorus to “It’s Hard Out Here for a Pimp”. Nola gets upset that her role in the enterprise seems limited to exchanging her body to a pawnshop owner for an expensive mic. DJay reminds her that without her work as their “primary investor,” none of them would be anywhere. Equipped with a demo tape, DJay makes his way to Arnel’s Fourth of July party, determined to get his big break by getting the tape to Skinny Black (Ludacris) by the end of the night.

D'-Jays - D.J. Rap